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System of rewarding best sites "Golden spider"

Congratulations. You have made great choice, made a decisive step, having decided to present site on consideration of High Jury. Already one it speaks about inflexibility, hardness of a character, readiness to go forwards.
Being based on it, is possible to assume, as yours site is uncommon, unique work of art doubtlessly deserving attention of High Jury. We in details shall consider all sections yours site, we shall study all it of a feature, complexity level, graphic design, saturation CGI etc. And if yours site deserves the award, will receive it necessarily. And also the place, appropriate to it, on "Honour Board"

Here these awards:
Golden spider
1 degree 2 degree 3 degree
1 level 2 level 3 level

It is necessary to make the last gain:
to go on the filling the request.

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