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2 degree 07.21.1999
Information server ZABOR.COM

The catalogue of Internet resources.

1 degree 07.21.1999
Design-bulletin VESTNIK.CDS.RU

The design-studio "Corwell" represents the journal devoted to everything, that happens in the world of Internet-design. Very interestingly also it is useful. There is a subscription to issuing. Is approved by the best designers of Russia.

1 degree 07.21.1999
Alexander Zorich. The writer!

Best from literary sites of the RU.NET. On this site you can be acquainted with literary creativity of the writer Alexander Zorich.

2 degree 07.21.1999
World of Wonder

"...It is our hope to bring to you all the many splendid Wonders of the World in a unique collection of information & links on the World Wide Web..."

2 degree 07.21.1999
KATRIN homepage

Homepage, friends, links... Interest design - view it!

2 degree 07.21.1999
Page of Kida Andreeva

Personal page. Quietest and non-agressive site of the RU.NET. The author can brag of the most original use in Internet of Figures made in waiting time something, and also during press-conferences and meetings.

1 degree 07.21.1999
A bird of average Siberia

Main sections:

  • Average Siberia - brief description of average Siberia, geography, climate, and so on...
  • List of kinds - rather solid data base on birds of average Siberia.
  • Your literature - literature have the relation to ornitological subjects.
  • Photo-gallery.
3 degree 07.21.1999
Media Programming Group

The interesting programs, albums, screenshots...

3 degree 07.21.1999
Job and money in Internet.

Methods of earning & money in the Internet.

3 степень 31.05.1999

Gatway to aviation

Air crew connection aviation links site. Unite all countries from all over the world. Africa & South Africa.
3 степень 31.05.1999


Fun, games,diversions, and whatever else we can get into.
1 степень 31.05.1999

Economic weekly journal CONSULTING.RU

Internet-weekly journal, devoted to standards of international book keeping, administrative consultation and systems of automation.
3 степень 31.05.1999

Homepage of MIKE (FOOTBALL)

All about football - tournament tables, prognosises, teams, clubs...
2 степень 31.05.1999

SadWizard virtual workshop

Site is universal for entertainment of the visitors - there is all about games, and about economy, and even - literature. Amusing poems for absolutely unamusing themes.
2 degree 05.10.1999

Institute of a children haematology. Medicine.

This WEB-node is official WWW-representation of Federal establishment of a science and public health services of Research Institute Children's Haematology МЗ of Russian Federation.
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└╝А╙═ ╞╝Г╔Б═
2 degree 05.10.1999

The tourist guidebook. The description of Thailand.

Site is interesting to the tourists, businessmen and other visitors of Thailand. Gives a lot of to interesting information on everything, that is connected to Thailand.
2 degree 05.10.1999

The daily reviews of the Internet. "The Molecular premium" contest. DNK page.

Really (!) the daily reviews of the Internet. "Diary" of the network traveller. There is a section "The Molecular premium", estimating sites. "The Molecular premium" stands in one line (in the wide plan) with such systems appreciate sites, as "Golden spider", "Golden URL" and others, despite of their differences from each other. As well as it is necessary to much sites - there is a section "Resources of the Internet".
3 degree 05.10.1999


Versatile site VD-S. Sports, music, Photoshop, animation, free and much another... Vlad Safyanovsky.
1 degree 03.08.1999

Economic site ElenaK

Site is devoted to economy. Interesting analytical materials, hot economic news, collection of coins.
1 degree 03.08.1999


The Moscow club Quazar. Photosnapshots of space objects. Rather interesting design!
2 degree 03.08.1999

The Tambov post node

Here you can find the description of services represented by federal mail department on an example Tambov post node. The given information can be useful not only for the inhabitants of the Tambov region.
2 degree 02.01.1999

Internet is the World of dialogue

Given site is designed for audience, which only begins to learn huge spaciousnesses Internet. But Internet is not only traveling on sites, network games etc. Internet is the World of dialogue.
2 degree 02.01.1999

Research centre JavaScript

Example site, which most completely uses JavaScript possibilities, investigated by the author. Interesting realization of dynamic construction of folders hierarchy.
2 degree 02.01.1999


Here you will find beautiful landscapes from all world, can make them of "wall paper", for a desktop of your computer. Photos of planes(airplanes), steam locomotives. To look at "actual" landscapes in a mode Online. Will find the useful references to sites, where it is possible to look for work or to place the abstract.
2 degree 02.01.1999


The page is devoted to different areas of mysterious human existence, what it is possible to judge under the different hiperlinks. Namely: advices(councils), Literature, Psychology, Astrology, Gallery.
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